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New! GMF 029
Safety cap from the German sea mine. A cover on a detonator when transporting a ...

price: 50 U.S.D.

New! GMB 005
WH buckle. Condition on a photo. ...

price: 40 U.S.D.

New! GMI 005
ID tag. It is found at the bottom of the lake. Excellent condition. P.S. All pre ...

price: 35 U.S.D.

New! WSS 010
Rare ID tag. SS is written by letters. Number 12. Rgt. Stab. Estn. SS. Leg. A co ...

price: 300 U.S.D.

New! GMG 030
Four bottles from under BENEDICTINE. A condition on a photo. ...

price: 38 U.S.D.

New! GMG 031

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! GMM 034
Hairbrushes and toothbrush. It is found in the German bunker. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! GMM 035
Detail from the German optics. In excellent condition. ...

price: 8 U.S.D.

New! GMM 036
Tube. ...

price: 2 U.S.D.

New! GMM 037
German button. Number five. ...

price: 10 U.S.D.

New! GMM 038
German bowler. Super battle damage. ...

price: 15 U.S.D.

New! GMU 004
Cockade badge of the German Gebirgsjäger "Edelweiss". Condition on a photo. ...

price: 40 U.S.D.

New! GMR 003
Trench art. Ring. Possibly German soldier has made for the girlfriend. ...

price: 35 U.S.D.

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