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New! GTA 018
Interesting plate. It is made the German soldier of a cover of the Russian cigar ...

price: 50 U.S.D.

New! GTA 019
Aluminum shot glass. It is made of a sleeve from a flare gun. ...

price: 18 U.S.D.

New! STA 028
Trench art. Box of matches. ...

price: 22 U.S.D.

New! STA 029
Interesting aluminum plate. Drawing of the woman and name Olya. It is found on t ...

price: 18 U.S.D.

New! GMM2 304
Cover from the German flask. Initials of the owner. Battle damage. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! GMM2 305
Tube from cheese. 1943. ...

price: 5 U.S.D.

New! WSS 425
Half of Estonian ID tag SS. SS Gren. Ausb. u. Ers. Batl. 33. Plus trench art p ...

price: 150 U.S.D.

New! SMM 107
Spoon of the Russian soldier. Initials of the owner and number of military unit. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! SMM 108
Spoon of the Russian soldier. Initials of the owner. ...

price: 10 U.S.D.

New! SMG 008
Two big shot glasses. WWI. ...

price: 15 U.S.D.

New! GMG 177
German bottle. 0,33 l. ...

price: 8 U.S.D.

New! GMG 176
German bottle. 0,5 l. ...

price: 8 U.S.D.

New! GMA 063
German medal "Winterschlacht im Osten 1941-42", medal for winter campaign in Rus ...

price: 30 U.S.D.

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