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this site and DBM & C does not support politics and ideology of the Third Reich and its leaders. All items are sold as collectable items and are not sold for actual use. Demjansk Battlefield militaria & collectibles. All rights reserved (c) 2001-2007
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New! SMM 021
Russian bowler. Trench art. The emblem of the signalman is drawn. Battle damage. ...

price: 20 U.S.D.

New! GMP 017
German agitation (propaganda) papers. ...

price: 18 U.S.D.

New! SMP 001
Soviet agitation (propaganda) an envelope for the letter. ...

price: 25 U.S.D.

New! WSS 025
SS tube. BORSALBE. ...

price: 50 U.S.D.

New! GMM 131
Box with condoms. 1938. It is found in the German bunker. A condition on a photo ...

price: 20 U.S.D.

New! GMB 029
Buckle of the German red cross (DRK). Marking GES. GESCH 1. The swastika is era ...

price: 110 U.S.D.

New! GMA 033
WWI. Wound badge in black. In a good condition.a private collection. ...

price: 45 U.S.D.

New! GMA 034
WWI. Wound badge in silver. In a good condition. a private collection. ...

price: 65 U.S.D.

New! GMM 132
Small ruler. See a photo. ...

price: 15 U.S.D.

New! GMM 133
Pendant. It is found on positions SS. ...

price: 25 U.S.D.

New! GMI 008
ID tag. Rare. WEHRM. GEF. F.Z. TORGAU. 768. ...

price: 100 U.S.D.

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