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New! SMF 003
Machine gun box - for Maxim. Remains of machine gun tape. ...

price: 48 U.S.D.

New! SMM 020
Russian armor of the body SN-38 (bulletproof vest). Five parts. Meets only on th ...

price: 250 U.S.D.

New! GMT 005
Part of a covering of the plane. From Russian or German, unknown. Have found on ...

price: 50 U.S.D.

New! GMM 112
Cup on a flask. Bakelite. Owner initials. ...

price: 28 U.S.D.

New! GMM 115
Silver watch. In relic condition. See a photo. It is found SS positions. ...

price: 25 U.S.D.

New! STA 010
Super. Trench art. Aluminum spoon. ...

price: 150 U.S.D.

New! GMB 011
Steel buckle of WH. Remains of a leather belt. A condition on a photo. ...

price: 28 U.S.D.

New! GMF 039
Porcelain balls from the German grenade of M24. Plus a bonus. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! GMM 116
Small spoon. Silver 84. It is made in 1847. It is found in the German bunker. A ...

price: 25 USD

New! GMM 117
Mug on a flask. A condition on a photo. ...

price: 15 U.S.D.

New! GMG 044
Three small bottles from the German positions. ...

price: 6 U.S.D.

New! SMS 006
Soviet helmet. It is a lot of original paint. Battle damage. A condition on a ph ...

price: 65 U.S.D.

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